Technical Specs

The Wahoo Walls Basement Finishing System is engineered to incorporate all the various aspects and considerations of below grade construction into a single easy to use component. Utilizing time tested materials that are 100% Safe, 100% Waterproof, 100% Inorganic and will NOT support the growth of Mold or Mildew, we have created the finest basement wall system available.

That’s our commitment to you!

Each Panel consists of a 3.5” thick core of Integrity ™ EPS Insulation Type 1 R-15.4 at 25 degrees clad on both faces with a ¼” thick JetBoard ™ MgO outer skin with R-0.6.

Each Panel measures 96”H x 48” W x 4”D

Each Panel weighs approx. 90lbs.

Track components are heavy duty aluminum that will not rust. Will not degrade. And provide a continuous draft stop.

Core Material – 3.5” Integrity™ Closed Cell EPS Type 1 – not recycled.

¼” thick Jet Board™ Magnesium Oxide outer skins on BOTH faces of wall panels
Not all MgO materials are alike. Please see Jet Board specifications on their Healthy Green product used in Wahoo Walls

  • Magnesium oxide is water stable
  • Manufactured in its entirety at Room Temperature.
    Compare that to drywall which requires nearly 2,490,000 BTU’s to dry 1000 square ft. (That’s only 31 sheets!)
  • Requires NO paper facing to maintain integrity like drywall.
  • 100% Inorganic
  • 100% Cannot support the Growth of Mold or Mildew
  • Out performs drywall in its Fire Resistance characteristics. (CLASS “A” ASTM E84 Surface
    Burning Characteristics, Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Indices)

100% ICC Approved and Code Compliant Laminating Adhesive.

Lifetime Limited Warranty
WAHOO WALLS offers a limited lifetime warranty insuring that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship
Class "A" Fire Rating
ASTM e84 Class "A" rating on Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Indices. The skin covering of the Wahoo Wall is not just fire resistant, it simply does not burn. This translates into increased fire safety and security in your home.

View Wahoo Walls ASTM e84 Fire Test Report
ASTMe84 Fire rating for Wahoo Wall panels: You can use any finish you like if your local building code only requires this test. You can use corner mold trim and a batten for the seam as long as your local building permit department approves this fire test for your area and your project.

View Wahoo Walls NFPA286 Test Report
NFPA286 Fire rating was passed using our recommended installation process. Please note, the spline and drywall compound and tape for the seams. In addition, the drywall compound and tape for the inside and outside corners are necessary for meeting this fire rating.
The Wahoo Wall is waterproof. It will not fall apart or decay when exposed to humidity or even when submerged in water. The Wahoo Wall skin had been freeze/thaw-tested for 36 months. An ideal construction panel (drywall alternative) in high humidity areas or where conventional drywall may be exposed to water.
Mold & Mildew Resistant
Unlike conventional drywall, the Wahoo Wall does not contain any nutrients and cannot support the growth of mold, mildew, fungus, or insects (ASTM G-21). Tired of cleaning mold and mildew from your drywall in high humidity areas (like your basement)? The Wahoo Wall will eliminate that problem once and for all
Silica & Asbestos Free
The Wahoo Walls Basement Finishing System is silica and asbestos free. Asbestos is a group of minerals with long, thin fibrous crystals, widely used in construction materials in the past, that has been associated with cancer. Silica (silicon dioxide) is a compound most abundant in the earth's crust that can cause a variety of health issues when inhaled. Remember to utilize appropriate dust masks when cutting any building material including The Wahoo Walls Wall Panel. The proper us of PPE is essential when working with any tools or building materials, including our system.
Wahoo Walls are manufactured from mineral components and water. Wahoo Walls contain no organic solvents, no oils, no toxic ingredients, no heavy metal salts, and no asbestos. Wahoo Wall sawdust may be safely buried in a landfill without contamination or environmental damage to land, streams or bodies of water. The entire manufacturing process is conducted at room temperature.
Do Yourself a Color!
We know, we know… you don’t really want to paint. But we've worked hard to create a wall system that doesn’t lock you in to someone else’s tacky idea of what your basement should look like. You don’t want a dust and odor catching fabric, you don’t want a plastic looking vinyl coating, and you sure don’t want to tuck in a felt covering! What’s left? How about you knuckle down and simply paint your new basement Happy Room just like you’d paint any other room in your house. Wahoo Walls should be primed using a high quality masonry primer such as Sherwin Williams Loxon Concrete™. Then choose a paint that is mildew resistant.
Easy to Work With
The Wahoo Walls Basement System is Super easy to work with! You’ll need some tools. You’ll need some basic concept of how to use those tools. Or maybe you just need to hire a Handy man or Remodeling contractor. But the point is, a simple saw, screw gun, Hammer drill, and layout tools go a long way toward completing the toolbox needed to install Wahoo Walls. You don’t need diamond tipped sawblades and you don’t need a titanium finish hammer. You’ll need a level. Maybe a speed square. A tape measure would be good. Some kind of inexpensive tool belt. Extra screw gun battery. Long drill bits. Extra square drive bits. Youll need some painting tools. A Pencil. Utility knife will come in handy.
It Is Safe
Safety is DIY Job One! The Wahoo Walls Basement Wall System is Safe to work with. Be sure to use PPE (personal protection equipment) while working on any aspect of home construction. Safety Glasses are an essential tool along with the appropriate dust mask! Any kind of dust is to be avoided from wood dust to the dust that may be produced while working with Wahoo Walls. Just use common sense and maybe even a pair of earplugs when using power tools. Cut your panels either in the garage or outdoors; it is best to keep dust out of a living area. Call for MSDS sheets.