Step 1

1. Drill Track

Step 2

2. Place Panel

Step 3

3. Fasten Wall


Install mounting strip, position wall panel & attach panel. You will save money, add value and create dream space. Prevent your foundation walls from radiating your heating dollars outdoors. Finish your basement and add value to your home with insulated Wahoo Walls. Save money now and on every heating bill to come.

Wahoo Walls gives you the freedom to choose your lifestyle makeover project: extra living space, media room, home office, bedroom, home gym, guest suite, laundry room, and even a climate controlled and soundproof garage or workshop.

“Do-it-yourselfers looking to save some money will want to consider basement wall panels made of magnesium oxide, like those from Wahoo Walls. When adhered to polystyrene insulation, …” Read what Bob Villa thinks of Wahoo Walls
– Bob Villa

Why a Wahoo Walls Basement Remodeling System?

  • Connector.

    Our Walls Don't Absorb Water

  • Connector.

    No Mold or Mildew Possible

  • Connector.

    Save Energy & Heat

  • Connector.

    Durable & Attractive

  • Connector.

    Ready to Paint

  • Connector.

    Wiring Channels for Electrical, TV and Speaker Wire

  • Connector.

    Hold a Flat Screen with No Problems

  • Connector.

    Walls Slide Together Securely with Ease

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    R-13 Pre-insulated Basement Panels

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